and welcome to my website. I am a Web Designer & Developer. I got into the IT field by working on my own projects and constantly needing improvement. My main project is Remote Telecommute Jobs and it consists of a platform that aims to recruit professionals, freelancers & influencers that work remotely, and host them for a month in Greece.

My hobby evolves around Photography – especially ‘Newborn’, ‘Food’ and ‘Landscapes’. So my second project is Bantounas Foods It contains mostly Greek cuisine recipes.

If you are looking for a remote partner / employee, I can help you with:

UX Design
* Website Wireframe;
* Prototype Testing;
* Information Architecture.

UI Design & Code
* Website Design;
* HTML 5;
* CSS;
* WordPress;
*Webshop Management.

Photo Manipulation

*Adobe Photoshop CS6;
* Adobe InDesign;
* Adobe Lightroom;

* Product Photography;
* Food Photography.

The easiest way to get in touch is through my Linkedin account. But any of my given projects / social media accounts will work. After all, this is the fun in working remotely – we are always one click away.

Connect with me on Linkedin