Hello and welcome to my website. I am a Web Designer & Developer. I got into the IT field by working on my own projects and constantly needing improvement. My main project is Remote Telecommute Jobs and it consists of an online ‘newspaper’ containing job announcements for ‘remote’ jobs.

My hobby evolves around Photography – especially ‘Newborn’, ‘Food’ and ‘Landscapes’. So my second project is Greek Food – Ta Mystika. It promotes Greece for it’s cuisine and it’s touristic destinations.

If you are looking for a remote partner / employee, I can help you with:

UX Design
* Website Wireframe;
* Prototype Testing;
* Information Architecture.

UI Design & Code
* Website Design;
* HTML 5;
* CSS;
* WordPress;
*Webshop Management.

Photo Manipulation

*Adobe Photoshop CS6;
* Adobe InDesign;
* Adobe Lightroom;

* Product Photography;
* Food Photography.

The easiest way to get in touch is through my Linkedin account. But any of my given projects / social media accounts will work. After all, this is the fun in working remotely – we are always one click away.

Connect with me on Linkedin