What happens to our Pixabay pictures

I am a Pixabay user since I found out it existed and I admire a lot the project, it’s growth and development. It’s a hobby part of my life that completes my days and makes use of all the pictures I had and never used in any way.




The first unpleasant thing that happened after I started to have downloads and also got a couple of Editor’s Choice awards, was that I found some of my good pictures on Pexels.


is a website that takes, because it can (…), good (and only good) pictures from other free stock websites that function under the Creative Commons CCO, which makes it safe to use them without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes. Of course, the purpose of this article is not pointing fingers, we don’t even know who started this phenomenon first. I just want to give information to my artist colleagues so that they know where they can redeem their pictures from.

I started looking, individually, for all my pictures and found many of them there. I wrote them (after I had signed up) and asked that my pictures are put in my new created account. Now that was not bad, I had already had many downloads so in all this bad experience the good part is that today I am a Slack Pexel-Community-Hero (I don’t know yet if this is more than the forum we have @Pixabay, it’s still a new feature of the website).


a website where I  absolutely never expected to find any of my pictures especially because on my previous tryings (some years ago) to get into platform, my pictures were always rejected. Well some guy took a picture I uploaded (that got in less than a month 4000 downloads), and uploaded it as his own and when I tested the platform, I could buy it without any problem. Shame on you Shutterstock, I mean to not run the most easy TinEye checker to see on how many free stock photography websites you can find this picture..


another website where I found some of my pictures. But when I spoke to them about moving them to my newly created account, they ensured me that they are ‘no longer curating pictures from other websites’. Also, this website does not have a donation system. But, again, it’s good for the bigger purpose: some free advertising of your work.


Well, I got stuck in front of the huge Chinese language wall, any of you who speak the language might have a shot to redeem your pictures and sign up.


I surely know my pictures are here, I found them in the checker but could not identify the exact link to redeem them so I am building my user dashboard by uploading my pictures one by one (about 300) and waiting for 25 to be accepted so that I can complete my coffee details. Then, if I am right and my pictures really are there, they should be warned by the system so I can take them under my new created umbrella. The point of this article is for you guys to get your pictures back and to get some use from the fact that they are already downloaded many times and are up in the search results. That’s a cool thing!


is another website where I have found my pictures with a total of 100000 downloads.. and Oh, I am glad I did, because as soon as I redeemed them, coffees started to come in, I even got a 50$ coffee because I was right from the first month in top 20 photographers (as I am in Pexels). Now we all know us Pixabay-ers are not in it for the money.. but that does not mean I would ever find it fair for them to use my pictures like that! My point, as long as all these platforms posting and giving away our work, allow us to sign-up, those pictures should be ours / in our account to begin with.  So, ‘get your search on’ and redeem your pictures, my friends!


dear Pixabay colleagues, most of our pictures are there. I wouldn’t worry though, try and download, search some of them you will see that even the website-code-copying job it’s done as bad as their idea of an online startup!


I saw a forum conversation that said that 2 of our users found their pictures from the free stock website posted there, to be sold.. Now these guys here are just cruel.. I though I’ve seen it all with Pexels, well I was wrong. I am still investigating to see if I find any of my pictures. I suppose I won’t, they dont really need beginner quality to be sold, right? But the problem is not that they sell them.. Its that people pay for pictures they can get for free ?! Bad boy iStock by GettyImages, bad boy! I just wish people could read this information..

Fell free to contact me if you any other useful information on the subject so that I can add it – and of course so that I can look for my pictures. While I gather the rest of the websites that take our pictures, please help yourself with any useful pictures you can find in my account or in others.




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