Why I’m Glad to be a ‘Public Domain Images’ User This January / About Winning in the ‘100$ Competition’

 Like I said in my first article good things come out of the fact that our pictures were curated by different other platforms copying Pixabay.





So you know how it’s believed to be ‘good’ to do stuff in the first day of the New Year, to make sure you will be active for the rest of the year? Well, I’m not a big believer, but I never say no to a positive vibe of any kind, after all, you are what you think of..


While the first day of the new year will usually catch me relaxing and eating more than it’s necessary (see Kayla Itsines Fitness Coach if you feel me), emails are the new way to get my payment and ‘coffee’ donations via Paypal.


This first of January, an email came in saying I won the 3rd place in the ‘100$ competition’ hosted monthly by PDP.

At it turns out, all the monthly uploads and downloads are counted and then a classification is made. The prices are in money as the link I posted shows.


Truth be told, I always love a challenge, especially when there are so many more pictures for me to upload. Take my advice and put your pictures out there if you want to have exposure.

Happy New Year,

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