Why it’s cool to be a ‘Pexels Hero’ this December / About our presents

As I wrote in my previous article it all started with Pixabay for me (uploding my pictures and giving them for free under CC0).

Pexels is one of the first platforms that I found my pictures on as they used to curate pictures from Pixabay. I found and redeemed them and had a bit of success (about 15 million views).


On December this year, I got an email, got announced and then added to the new Pexels Heroes #Slack platform.

That’s a selective ‘forum’ with the people who became known and probably downloaded on the Pexels platform. I don’t know exactly the criteria.

But then, the ‘magical’ email came in.

Long story short, I coupons for 2 known and extremely useful platforms, such as:

A WordPress Premium Plan Coupon Code — destined also for portfolio / eshop / blog / website of each one of the Heroes ($96 USD value); Premium accounts come with a domain and allow us to build a unique website with advanced design tools, CSS editing, lots of space for audio and video, and the ability to monetize our site with ads.

A Premium Pro account Bannersnack Coupon Code — for online banners quick design (extremely useful) for the Heroes of Pexels ($216 USD value);

I am happy and thankful and I can’t wait to make full use of my presents.



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